Jay Kim: Why 40 Global Investors Are Excited About HK

One of the greatest perks of hosting a dedicated podcast on entrepreneurship and investing in Asia is the network that I’ve been able to build up over just a few short months. As a result, I was recently asked to host a virtual summit on investing in Asia which is a very eco-friendly way of holding a conference (no carbon footprint at all). So over the last four weeks I hunkered down and spent most of my waking moments personally interviewing over 40 global investing experts including fund managers, economists, traders, startup founders and early stage investors.

The insights I gained after hours of conversations with some of the most brilliant investors in the world were nothing short of eye opening. Every single one of the experts I interviewed were super bullish on the future potential of Asia and their comments all echoed the actions that we’ve seen being taken by investing legends such as Jim Rogers (investing guru who moved to Singapore), Peter Diamandis (chairman of the X Prize Foundation) and Gary Vaynerchuk (prolific angel investor).

Here are three of the major themes that jumped out at me which are very telling of the future potential for what may be the most explosive economic growth the world has seen in an entire generation.

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