Navigating the startup scene in China

Startups have been blossoming in mainland China in recent years. Among the various realms of startup businesses, those pertaining to shared economy and artificial intelligence have seen the fastest growth. Mobile payments, meanwhile, is one area where China has already made a name for itself. Singapore’s leader, Lee Hsien-loong, once remarked that the city-state has much to learn from China in relation to mobile payments.

Kenny Chien, vice president for China of Cherrypicks, a Hong Kong developer of branded online-to-offline platforms that is now owned by Chinese tech company NetDragon, shares his views on how startups can tap the China market. Here are some edited excerpts from an interview he gave to the Hong Kong Economic Journal’s StartUpBeat:

HKEJ: You ran a business in mainland China many years ago. Looking at the scene now, how would you describe the changes in the business environment there, in terms of career development prospects for Hongkongers who want a piece of the action?

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